The worth of a tank level monitor across industries

If, in times past, the monitoring of tank levels across the water, printing, chemical and oil and gas industries was an endeavour consuming much time and manpower, it is now possible to bypass many of those issues with a complete telemetry system that is as functional as it is reliable, flexible and cost-effective.

Oriel Systems is one of the premier names in telemetry and tank level monitoring, its reputation built on the customer satisfaction of a large installed user base worldwide. With some 25 years of experience behind it in high technology industrial services, the company knows how to cater for those in particularly specialised industries.

In the case of a water tank level monitor, for example, the customer’s energy tariffs can form the basis of outstation support for different pumping profiles, meaning less money spent on energy usage. Pump control settings can also be changed remotely, removing the need for an expensive site visit.

Oriel Systems also provides a broad choice of sensors for its chemical industry clients, including Radar, Ultrasonic and Guided Microwave sensors and pressure transducers. Also vital to a successful chemical tank level monitor is suitable level sensing equipment, which is supplied, installed and commissioned by Oriel Systems from the major manufacturers. Tank level information can be returned to one central location or hosted, with password protection, on Oriel Systems’ web server.

A tank level monitor also plays an imperative role in the printing industry, where ink is such a costly commodity. This creates a need for ink consumption to be monitored so that production can be planned more effectively, reducing costs in the process. A tank level monitor can keep an ink supplier informed of customer tank levels, with any supplier also preferring to be able to empty a tanker completely and not be forced to return with a partial load.

The printing ink tank level monitor can therefore be set up so that the supplier is alerted if the customer’s tank level falls below a certain pre-defined limit. But irrespective of the client’s exact industry, Oriel Systems is able to advise on and recommend a particular level monitoring system for their requirements, prior to full installation, calibration and maintenance. This final process can include the economical integration of older, possibly outdated legacy systems with the latest equipment.


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