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Turn to Oriel Systems for telemetry installation, calibration and maintenance

There is a wide range of industries in which it is necessary for data measurements to be made at a distance, and indeed, this is what telemetry is all about, as is indicated by the Greek origins of the word, with ‘tele’ meaning remote and ‘metron’ meaning measure. It is a technology used in such fields as meteorology, oil and gas, water management and even military intelligence, with Oriel Systems ( having long helped to cater for clients’ highly specialised needs.

Many industrial processes depend greatly on the maintenance of the right stock levels in silos, tanks or other critical equipment, with remote monitoring being necessary to ensure that everything takes place within safe and defined conditions. Telemetry, then, has only become more relevant as private and public sector participants in the aforementioned industries look to boost their operational efficiency, with it now being much more common, for example, for one employee to have responsibility for many different sites.

As more and more equipment accumulates at remote sites, with more potential for malfunctions, the ability to monitor it all from one central PC becomes all the more vital. However, the advancement in sophistication of telemetry systems means that they, too, can consist of an overwhelming amount of intricate equipment, including sensors and telemetry outstations.

Telemetry clients will also need to bear in mind the transmission possibilities for relaying back the collected information to the main office, which can include PSTN, broadband, GSM, radio, 3G or GPRS technology. They will also need to invest in software, so that they can interpret the information that is obtained. With various sensors located at each of the remote sites, measuring values which are gathered on a 24 hours a day basis by the Remote Terminal Unit (RTU), it’s clear that a telemetry system must be installed, calibrated and maintained correctly to deliver maximum value to an organisation.

Organisations in many different industries, then, are likely to appreciate the experience and knowhow of the service and installation engineers at Oriel Systems. Based in two UK locations, these professionals have a ‘can do’ attitude and can travel to both UK and overseas sites to install, commission, calibrate and service telemetry equipment.  Making use of their background with both old and new equipment, these experts can oversee the integration of older, out of date legacy systems with more recent technology, often significantly cutting costs in the process.

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More about the people who bring you Oriel Systems’ telemetry solutions

Oriel Systems ( may offer telemetry systems that are cost-effective, reliable and flexible, catering for large and small projects alike in the likes of the water, pharmaceuticals, chemical, mining and oil and gas industries, but it would not be able to provide these elements without the right motivated, talented and well-trained people. These people range from service and installation engineers to software consultants.

Contact frequently begins with a discussion of the client’s needs via phone or email, with Oriel Systems having staff members on hand who are happy to give advice and guidance about the finer points of a telemetry project. At this point, the technical team tends to become more involved in pinpointing the exact requirements of a prospective client and how the right telemetry systems can meet them – indeed, there are many examples of the company’s successful partnerships in the Oriel Systems website’s press releases section.

Once the application has been discussed and an arrangement decided upon, the client will be able to benefit from the more ‘hands-on’ expertise of the likes of Oriel Systems’ service and installation engineers. Based in two locations in the UK, these engineers are able to travel to sites both in this country and abroad, making use of their experience in telemetry installation, maintenance and calibration. They can commission and service equipment and know how to integrate all manner of older and outmoded legacy systems with more modern equipment, in many cases removing the need for expensive replacements.

The experience that Oriel Systems’ professionals have accumulated down the years in the design and installation of telemetry systems leaves them perfectly placed to design any client’s control routines, while testing is also continually carried out to ensure that the resultant systems deliver the right level of performance. Once the installation has been carried out, a team of on-site engineers are available to ensure continued optimal performance.

The right telemetry software is also vital to any good system, and clients are always reassured when the company that they choose knows how to develop, test and deliver a working solution, before ensuring client satisfaction and providing a high standard of ongoing backup and support. This could certainly be said of Oriel Systems, not least given that it has been developing Windows software since the platform’s early days.

However big or small the given project, Oriel Systems has software consultants that know how to rapidly develop the right software, making use of the most recent techniques, programming languages and testing methods. From the development of simple user interfaces to more advanced measurement and analysis functions that allow for collected data to be trended and graphed, Oriel Systems’ developers have all-encompassing expertise, and can even develop software interfaces that allow for the seamless integration of the intelligent devices or remote equipment of different manufacturers.

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Why do clients use Oriel Systems?

Oriel Systems ( expect that by viewing this site you may well already have knowledge of the telemetry industry and are very likely either a user of remote monitoring systems already or are currently exploring their potential. However, you may be asking yourself, why use Oriel Systems in particular? Let’s start with the basics.

Industrial and commercial companies understand the value of distant monitoring. In an increasingly technical and dissipated engineering, manufacturing and production landscape, having a real time understanding of the front to back process is essential. It could be monitoring sites, silos or feedstock levels or inventory monitoring, but the ability to predict internal and external delivery times have become commercial imperatives for a vast array of applications across the supply chain. This is of particular importance in an evolving and highly technological competitor driven market. Oriel Systems’ telemetry solutions cover a variety of services to meet these needs.

Whether you’re optimising your assets or negotiating a tolling agreement with your financiers, you need to know what’s happening right now. And the devil’s in the details. Stock consumption and relative output formulae used to be a retrospective activity but now with margin’s constantly squeezed it is essential to monitor, and thereby control, the entire value chain.

That’s the basics. But it’s the delivery of the solution to the client that’s important. A global house-hold name in food production doesn’t need to monitor the same things as a chemical giant does, but Oriel Systems provides solutions to them both. Indeed a glance at its prestigious client list will show you the diversity of solutions it provides:

However Oriel Systems also services smaller companies who have telemetry needs which are just as important, and whilst they may not be global or household names like some customers, they none-the-less value the ability to monitor, control and thereby refine and optimise their internal systems.


Why do they use Oriel Systems? ( Because its services are tailor-made to suit clients’ specific needs. After all, telemetry isn’t an optional add-on in the production chain; it’s a necessary tool in optimising processes and therefore a direct driver in maximising profit. Despite the industry or scale of the business, all of Oriel System’s clients believe it’s an essential part of the industrial matrix with a direct and calculable impact on the bottom line.


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Contact Oriel Systems about the most suitable telemetry hosting system

Oriel Systems ( has built a strong industry reputation for its provision of flexible, reliable and cost-effective telemetry and tank monitoring systems for the water, printing, chemical and oil and gas industries. However, although the suitability of such telemetry systems is partly assured by such factors as their scalability and ease of installation, another key benefit is the hosting service that can accompany them.

Facilitating the easy and confident monitoring and control of remote sites is Oriel Systems’ Awax Vendor Managed Inventory Solution (VMI) Telemetry Software, which is an open, expandable and flexible solution that has been designed with industry environments firmly in mind. It allows for customer sites across the world to have their critical stocking levels efficiently monitored, complete with the accurate prediction of delivery dates and times. The system can also carry out calculations of the actual delivered amount – even if consumption is yet to occur – before an invoice is automatically sent out for each delivery.

However, one feature that may attract particular notice is the option for the system to be hosted by Oriel Systems itself, which allows for online access. At a time when businesses and organisations of all sizes are seeing the benefits of outsourcing certain responsibilities to dependable specialist firms so that more time and energy can be focused on their core businesses, Oriel Systems can take on a firm’s Awax server and with it, the responsibility to periodically check on the system’s function.

Irrespective of the number of sites that the customer has, the hosting service that is offered by Oriel Systems can make contact with all of them, before uploading the data to a secure Internet server. Customers with telemetry systems can use any computer with Internet access, in any location and at any time, to log into the site and view their data, graph trends and data history, with just one touch of a button making possible the downloading of the data into a spreadsheet. There’s also the option for data to be frequently updated and forwarded to the customer’s smartphone.

Such hosting services are just one key part of Oriel Systems’ ( wider offering relating to all things telemetry, for a wide range of applications. The company offers the complete range of reputable and effective telemetry solutions for firms with the most specialised needs, encompassing design, installation and hosting alike.