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Oriel Systems ( has built a strong industry reputation for its provision of flexible, reliable and cost-effective telemetry and tank monitoring systems for the water, printing, chemical and oil and gas industries. However, although the suitability of such telemetry systems is partly assured by such factors as their scalability and ease of installation, another key benefit is the hosting service that can accompany them.

Facilitating the easy and confident monitoring and control of remote sites is Oriel Systems’ Awax Vendor Managed Inventory Solution (VMI) Telemetry Software, which is an open, expandable and flexible solution that has been designed with industry environments firmly in mind. It allows for customer sites across the world to have their critical stocking levels efficiently monitored, complete with the accurate prediction of delivery dates and times. The system can also carry out calculations of the actual delivered amount – even if consumption is yet to occur – before an invoice is automatically sent out for each delivery.

However, one feature that may attract particular notice is the option for the system to be hosted by Oriel Systems itself, which allows for online access. At a time when businesses and organisations of all sizes are seeing the benefits of outsourcing certain responsibilities to dependable specialist firms so that more time and energy can be focused on their core businesses, Oriel Systems can take on a firm’s Awax server and with it, the responsibility to periodically check on the system’s function.

Irrespective of the number of sites that the customer has, the hosting service that is offered by Oriel Systems can make contact with all of them, before uploading the data to a secure Internet server. Customers with telemetry systems can use any computer with Internet access, in any location and at any time, to log into the site and view their data, graph trends and data history, with just one touch of a button making possible the downloading of the data into a spreadsheet. There’s also the option for data to be frequently updated and forwarded to the customer’s smartphone.

Such hosting services are just one key part of Oriel Systems’ ( wider offering relating to all things telemetry, for a wide range of applications. The company offers the complete range of reputable and effective telemetry solutions for firms with the most specialised needs, encompassing design, installation and hosting alike.


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