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How Oriel Systems applies its expertise across many different industries

An emphasis on cost-effectiveness, reliability and scalability has helped to make Oriel Systems ( the go-to source of telemetry systems assistance and expertise over many years. Such a specialised field as telemetry is one in which the chosen technology services provider needs to be trustworthy, and the backing that Oriel Systems has won from such past and present clients as Unilever, Virgin, BP and Nestle signals the esteem in which it is widely held.


Much of Oriel Systems’ present reputation rests on its proven ability to provide telemetry solutions that are powerful, flexible and useful for a wide range of industries. Whatever the size and nature of the project, many of those firms that require solutions like wireless tank monitoring know that Oriel Systems has a ‘hands on’ technical team that is able to listen to and cater for any of a broad range of requirements. The systems are quick, easy and inexpensive to install, and customer support can be provided over the phone or in the form of the remote control of systems.


It is especially insightful, however, to consider how specific industries have benefitted from Oriel Systems’ expertise in remote monitoring systems in very specific ways. Organisations in the water industry, for example, appreciate the provision of an intelligent outstation that provides for a remote site’s total autonomy, with the Control Algorithm that is agreed upon between the customer and Oriel Systems’ engineers the basis on which all functions can be automatically performed. There is also support from the outstation for different pumping profiles, depending on the energy tariffs of the customer, which means that savings on energy usage can be made.


Oriel Systems also serves the chemical industry, offering a range of sensors from the Ultrasonic or Radar to a Guided Microwave or pressure transducer. The company specialises in the supply, installation and commissioning of level sensing equipment from the best-regarded manufacturers, and if required, can also install galvanic isolation. Many organisations from the oil and gas industries also approach Oriel Systems with the goal of halving the number of operatives that are required for loading and unloading operations, from two to one – as is possible when the on-site control, level monitoring and safety systems are integrated with on-site CCTV, courtesy of Oriel Systems’ Driver Controlled Delivery (DCD) system.


Finally, assistance has also long been provided by Oriel Systems to the printing industry, which can be vital given how expensive a commodity ink is. A Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution, consisting of an intelligent telemetry outstation at the customer sites, ensures that the levels in several tanks can be constantly monitored. This means that in the event of unexpected overnight usage resulting in the tank level dropping below a pre-defined limit, the system can override everything and issue an alert to the supplier. This is just one more of the many ways in which solutions from Oriel Systems ( have long catered to common and uncommon requirements across relevant industries.


How Oriel Systems improves each aspect of a telemetry installation

In order for the readings of an instrument to be recorded and transmitted by radio, certain critical equipment is required as part of the complete telemetry installation. With many public and private sector organisations in the likes of the chemical, water, oil and gas and printing industries not having the luxury to employ as many people as they once did amid constant searches for greater efficiencies, a company like Oriel Systems ( has a key role to play in providing truly cost-effective, reliable and scalable systems.


The complete set of equipment that makes up telemetry solutions includes the sensors that measure a value obtained at the remote site, as well as the telemetry outstation that collects information on a 24 hours a day basis from all of the sensors that are to be found on a particular remote site. Also necessary is some communications method by which the information that the outstation collects can be relayed back to the main office, as well as a software application that makes sense of the information that the main office PC receives from the various sites.


Keeping track of all of this equipment can be difficult, and some of it may need upgrading or otherwise replacing sooner than anticipated. Clients of telemetry systems often turn to Oriel Systems in the knowledge that the company makes possible connections to all manner of remote plant and equipment, including the telemetry equipment of other suppliers. This level of dedication to precise customer technical requirements is possible due to the firm’s combination of more than a quarter-century of continuous operation and a sophisticated manufacturing, research and development facility in south west England.


Such a high level of dedication is widely appreciated by clients including the likes of Unilever, Roche, Virgin, BP and ChickMaster, not least as it repeatedly removes the need for prior investment to be thrown out. Alternatively, the client may need to expand rapidly in response to unpredictably fluctuating requirements, and these can be similarly accommodated, as Oriel Systems’ solutions have been designed to be as scalable as possible, with there being no need for the client to pay for a system that it does not need. These remote tank monitoring systems can also be installed quickly and easily, minimising the necessary labour, manpower and start-up and operational costs.


From intelligent video units that are capable of transmitting as many as 8 live feeds – optionally with audio – simultaneously over long distances online, to AWAX software that is being continually developed to keep pace with recent technological trends like greater live video streaming and more online integration, Oriel Systems ( knows how to both upgrade existing systems and develop entirely new ones. Its technical team is constantly on hand to discuss all manner of specialised requirements for remote monitoring systems.


What should firms know about Oriel Systems’ telemetry software consultants?

Not many companies that would seem to specialise in telemetry and remote tank monitoring have their own in-house developers testing and delivering working software, let alone actually being directly available over the phone to prospective and current clients by day. And yet, that is precisely what Oriel Systems ( can offer, which goes some way to explaining why such major names as Virgin, BP and Unilever have trusted the company to provide scalable, dependable and truly effective systems.


Nor is the pedigree and experience level of the company’s telemetry software consultants exactly common, with the company having been developing software for Windows since that operating system’s early days. Such specialists know full well of the wide range of highly specialised technical requirements that clients can have across the likes of the chemical, printing, oil and gas and water industries. From its manufacturing, research and development facility in south west England, Oriel Systems has its software consultants working closely with its other professionals.


The result is the hard-earned reputation that Oriel Systems now enjoys as a successful and dynamic provider of high technology industrial services that has been in business for more than a quarter-century. Prospective and current telemetry clients can soon find out for themselves about the expertise, friendliness and flexibility of these software consultants, by contacting them directly – as can be done by phone or fax, as well as by email outside of normal hours. For both small and large projects, Oriel Systems’ software consultants can analyse individual needs before developing a solution around it and testing and delivering a working project.


The close and highly functional relationship between the clients of Oriel Systems and its software consultants does not cease at the delivery stage, as such professionals will also want to ensure maximum client satisfaction, and can also be called upon in the future to provide vital backup and support. As time is money for the many organisations that could possibly require telemetry solutions, any new software development takes place rapidly, with the benefit of the most recent techniques, programming languages and testing methods.


The expertise of Oriel Systems’ software consultants extends to the development of both simple user interfaces and more complicated functions for measurement and analysis that allow for collected data to be trended and graphed. Clients may have intelligent devices or remote plant/equipment of their own, and the experts at Oriel Systems can work around these elements if needed, developing software interfaces that can be seamlessly integrated with them.


These strengths only continue to build on an impeccable track record for the development of telemetry and data acquisition software that significantly supports a company’s operations, both now and for many years into the future. The Oriel Systems ( technical team is available now to discuss any organisation’s telemetry needs.