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We provide telemetry and industrial process control systems, VMI, tank monitoring, hardware, operational maintenance, software development, installation and training services.

Level Monitoring & Industrial Control

Affordable, scalable and fully managed level monitoring and pump or industrial control systems from Oriel

Recommended Hardware

AWAX 4000 Series Remote Terminal Unit

4000 Series RTU >


UK manufactured hardware and bespoke configured software, meaning that your system performs at a professional level with a manufacturer you can trust.  With high and low level alarms, SMS and email alerts and multiple communication options, our robust and advanced system provides you with the data you need, when you need it.

Systems requiring remote pump or industrial control utilise our own control software which is simple to use, with full instruction provided by our knowledgeable engineers.

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Industrial Process Control Management & Monitoring

Our unique and robust process control systems provide industry leading process control for any application.

Recommended Hardware

AWAX 4000 Series Process Control Unit

4000 Series RTU >


With a bespoke setup and the ability to link to unlimited I/O data point hardware, we can provide a management system from building management systems (BMS) to fully compliant fire and health and safety critical applications.

Working with various protocols including MODbus and CANbus, we are able to communicate with a variety of SCADA and PLC systems ensuring that our robust and reliable systems can integrate with any existing infrastructure already in place.

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Tank Monitoring (Liquids, Gas & Bulk Materials)

Utilising the latest hardware and our AWAX and WebWAX software, our systems can be installed to measure any tank contents

Recommended Product

AWAX 5000 Series Remote Terminal Unit

5000 Series RTU >


From non-hazardous liquids and food and drink rated applications to ATEX and chemically hazardous environments.

Our system provides live and current data with low and high level (overfill) alarms, and notifications can be provided by SMS, Email or via a mobile application. The AWAX and WebWAX software is intuitive and easy to use, with our systems able to link via API (Application Program Interface) to virtually any existing infrastructure.

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Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) Control Systems

Remote Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) is becoming popular amongst suppliers because it requires very little human input.

Recommended Product

4000 Series Remote Terminal Unit

4000 Series RTU >


Our systems link to either the existing sensors, such as load cells, the industrial control system in place, or to a newly installed sensor or load cells provided by Oriel. The system can then communicate by several means, such as radio, GPRS or satellite and alert the supplier to replenish the material.

As with our other systems, because of the bespoke nature of the units and software, our system can be integrated into practically any application.

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AWAX and WebWAX Systems Software

Software to monitor and control remote sensors, Intelligent External Devices (IEDs), valves and relays


Software for all applications

AWAX Software >


Oriel Systems Awax Telemetry and Control Software will allow you to monitor and control your remotes and sites with ease and confidence.  Your system can also be hosted in our own data centre, so your data is accessible over the Internet via a web browser through the WebWAX system.

However big or small your project, our technical team would be pleased to discuss your application.

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Other services

Monitoring and Control Hardware

Oriel supplies an array of hardware such as Remote Terminal and Telemtry Units (RTUs), I/O Data Acquisition Modules, Enclosures and Rack Mounts, Sensors and Measurement Instruments, Server and PC Hardware and Peripherals and Protocol Variant Interfaces. We also partner with several organisations to provide fully bespoke and integrated industrial control panel solutions.

Operational Maintenance Services

For all of the services and hardware we offer an Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Contract. Although O&M Contract specifics differ from one application to the next, they include a provision to maintain and repair all systems supplied by Oriel. With transparent and affordable pricing, the peace of mind provided by an O&M contract ensures a smooth and worry free operation for the life of your system.

Software Development Services

As a software development organisation, Oriel is at the forefront of technological development. With a large investment of time and money into research and development projects, we provide a unique balance of bespoke development with tried and tested hardware and software systems, giving a robust and unique system that works efficiently and reliably.

Electrical Installation Services

Our electrical installation engineers are approachable, professional and knowledgeable. With a strong work ethic and unrivalled customer service, we provide fully certified electrical installations. Training and education packages are provided for all systems supplied by Oriel. We are able to offer additional training and support at an additional cost, providing training solutions and literature for all applications.