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How has Oriel Systems inspired years of client loyalty

Having been established more than 25 years ago now, it’s clear that in such a fast-moving field as telemetry, Oriel Systems ( has mastered the art of adapting to client requirements over an extended time period. Today, the company is a provider of high technology industrial services with a reputation paralleled by few others in its field… but still knows how to take even the most basic steps to keep its clients on board.


The range of past and present Oriel Systems customers is a vast one, including both instantly recognisable household names and those brands that have more of an industry-level reputation. Nonetheless, from Virgin, BP and Unilever to AAK, Federal Mogul and KSB, it’s clear that a great number of organisations – in both the public and private sector – have placed their trust in Oriel Systems’ highly dependable, scalable and effective telemetry solutions.


Such organisations, which also include the likes of Roche, Thermo, SunChemical, Nestle and Oxfordshire County Council, are attracted by the very fact that there are so many others like them. The satisfied large installed user base across the world is a clear sign of the standard of the company’s telemetry installation services. It goes without saying that such an all-encompassing user base has a wide range of highly specialised needs, and Oriel Systems has a strong record of catering for projects of varying levels of technical complexity.


Telemetry systems from Oriel Systems can be integrated with all manner of existing equipment, which is appreciated by the many organisations that have already invested significantly in telemetry from other suppliers. Organisations know that the ease of installation of these systems saves them labour and manpower, also reducing both start-up and operational costs. They are also aware that the scalability of Oriel Systems’ solutions allows them to add to or remove from their systems in line with changing requirements, meaning that they are not paying for anything that they do not need.


The name ‘Oriel Systems’ has equal renown across the water, chemical, oil and gas, mining and pharmaceuticals industries, making it the first company to which many firms turn – as well as one of the most frequently recommended. Not only are the systems themselves perfectly suited to many different needs, but the firm’s personnel also care for these needs at every stage of the client relationship. Throughout the working day, these staff members are available to discuss any project on the phone, while much ongoing customer support is provided via the remote control of customer systems.


All of these factors have helped to make Oriel Systems ( a first port of call for many companies that do not wish to worry about their remote monitoring systems – and that reputation only continues to grow as the firm finds new ways to improve the end customer experience.


The essentials of Oriel Systems’ AWAX software

Oriel Systems ( makes the most of expertise in telemetry solutions gathered over decades of operation to design systems that are affordable, reliable and cost-effective. Above all, though, its solutions are effective in the industry of the client for which they have been designed, whether it is the water industry, chemical industry, oil and gas industry or printing industry – and the right software plays a big role in ensuring that.


Regardless of the most specialised needs, a telemetry installation consists of several vital elements, including the sensors, outstation, communications and software. With so much information being collected by the outstation and relayed back to the PC in the main office, it’s clear that a software application is required for unravelling it. Telemetry software on the main office PC has the role of making sense of the information that is brought from the remote sites. Presentation of the information occurs in a pictorial format, meaning that observations to ensure correct site operation can be quickly and simply made.


However, in addition to video, intelligent and low power outstations, the sought-after products of Oriel Systems include Awax VMI and SCADA software. The former is simply a necessary investment for any client that wishes to easily and confidently monitor and control remote sites. In a world in which remote working is becoming very much the norm, clients are also likely to appreciate the option to have the system hosted by Oriel Systems itself, so that it can be accessed via the Internet.


VMI stands for Vendor Managed Inventory Solution, and the Awax VMI software is flexible, open and expandable, being designed for an industrial environment in which remote data collection, monitoring and control is required. It is invaluable as a means of keeping critical stocking levels at customer sites across the world efficiently monitored. Not only can delivery dates and times be accurately predicted by the VMI solution, but calculation of the actual amount delivered is also possible – even if consumption is yet to take place. For each delivery, an invoice can then be automatically sent out.


Oriel Systems’ Awax SCADA telemetry software, meanwhile, has been developed by the company and continually enhanced to keep it up to date with the most recent technological developments. It connects, in a sophisticated but cost-effective manner, with Oriel Systems’ own range of remote units, in addition to most PLC systems and various other hardware types, including the remote units of other vendors. It removes the need for customers to replace their existing remote units and incur additional cost, instead simply upgrading them.


Prospective users of telemetry systems are urged to get in touch today with the friendly and capable team at Oriel Systems ( to discuss their more precise technical requirements with regard to efficient, tailored and affordable tank monitoring.