VMI / Vendor Managed Inventory Solutions

Amidst strong competition, Oriel Systems’ Vendor Managed Inventory solution was chosen by leading ink manufacturer Sun Chemicals to integrate and replace a myriad of different systems inherited from recent acquisitions and new customer contracts

The Oriel systems VMI system is a flexible and cost-effective solution to monitoring customer usage of a product or number of products, bringing together information from customer sites around the globe to provide instant information on potential stock-out situations.

In any mature industry where many suppliers are perceived to be the same, many suppliers have found this to be a significant differentiator as their customers now receive the best possible service 24/7 leading to increased customer loyalty.

There are more benefits for the supplier, this is rapidly turning into a “Win-Win for all”  scenario.  As the supplier is provided with information on product usage or consumption, this also allows for increases in efficiencies to be made in both the scheduling of production and of deliveries.

The system comprises of software residing on a PC which, in normal operation automatically connects into the customers site at regular intervals to retrieve  latest stocking levels.  In the case of a potential stock-out situation, the system over-rides and immediately alerts the supplier of the occurrence.  Potential stock-out situations are notified audibly and by pop-up “on screen” messages, which must be accepted before they disappear.  For out of hours use a “dialling rota” can be configured, which will automatically dial a series of mobile or landline numbers to alert the supplying company or their transportation / logistics department of the occurrence.

Once an alarm is received, it must be acknowledged from the telephone keypad, otherwise the system will continue to dial the next number in series.  From the telephone keypad the user can choose to replay the current alarm or replay all alarms or to delete them.

Other options include mobile versions of the VMI software allowing remote interrogation using smartphones.  This allows the transport / logistics / customer service departments to connect to the customers site and to view both current and historical information on customer usage, even whilst away from the office

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