Telemetry Outstations

Oriel Systems have supplied two rack-mounted low power Oriel Intelligent Telemetry Outstations to act as remote data acquisition and collection devices for The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Limited based in the Orkneys.

The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) Ltd is the first and only centre of its kind in the world which provides developers of both wave and tidal energy with purpose-built, accredited testing facilities. With 14 full-scale test berths, there have been more grid-connected marine energy converters deployed at EMEC than any other single site in the world, with developers attracted from around the globe. These developers use the facilities to prove what is achievable in some of the harshest marine environments, while in close proximity to sheltered waters and harbours. As well as device testing, they provide independently-verified performance assessments, a wide range of consultancy and research services

Oriel Systems were asked to design and build a pair of low power data acquisition and collection rack mounted outstations that are to be fitted inside 2 large offshore buoys some 2Km offshore. A special software driver or interface was developed by Oriel to allow connection to the on-board Dirius energy meters which show the amount of power generated in total and also shows the power that the buoy has used itself. The system will be collecting live data 24/7 from a series of instrumentation installed on these buoys to monitor their efficiency and performance. Along with the inputs from various sensors installed inside the buoys, EMEC needed a live video feeds from a pair of Colour CCD cameras mounted on each buoy so that if the buoys were hit by passing ships, the culprit could be identified and pursued for damages. All real-time and critical operating information along with the video feeds are transmitted back to the clients office using a NanoBridge 5Ghz WIFI link


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