A short history of Oriel Systems

In a world in which the competition between industries has reached its greatest intensity to date, all amid ever-encroaching budgetary pressures, the need has arisen for companies that can provide the most cost-effective and reliable telemetry systems to organisations across a wide range of industries. Over more than a quarter-century of operation, Oriel Systems (http://www.orielsystems.com) has been instrumental in meeting these needs with the best equipment and services.


Telemetry is, in the simplest terms, apparatus that records the readings of an instrument before transmitting this data by radio. Readings are transmitted to a distant receiving set or station. Many firms in the early 21st century do not have the manpower to place staff in a particular location on a constant basis, which makes any means of remote site monitoring especially invaluable. Beyond this, however, there are many more specialised requirements that a client may have for a telemetry installation, largely dependent on whether they are operating in the water, chemical, oil and gas or printing industries.


Oriel Systems has made the most of its many years in business to develop a real and intricate understanding of these most specialised of remote tank monitoring needs. The company has realised the importance of providing the full breadth of relevant telemetry products and services, encompassing the likes of video, intelligent and low power outstations and Awax VMI and SCADA software, as well as access to the most experienced and capable software consultants. On the subject of consultants, Oriel Systems has also invested considerably in its people, ensuring that clients feel able to contact the technical team with any of a wide range of queries.


As the company develops its own software, those clients getting in touch with customer support can soon be speaking directly to the best possible people to assist with even the most obscure technical requirement. The company has a manufacturing, research and development facility in southwest England, with installation engineers working out of two further sites in Manchester and north of London. Such professionals are therefore well-placed to swiftly resolve any issues that customers may have with their remote monitoring systems, and in any case, customer systems are often controlled remotely if required.


Oriel Systems has built a strong track record over the years as it has evolved into a truly dynamic provider of high technology industrial services. Its software consultants have been developing Windows software since shortly after Windows began, while it has also continually refined its sensors and telemetry outstations over time to cater to ever-changing client requirements. Its success, expertise and experience have been further developed by strategic alliances across Europe and the Far East.


Such entrenched knowhow and a continually extended and enhanced track record only further affirms the high stature of Oriel Systems (http://www.orielsystems.com) among all manner of clients of its telemetry solutions – in the past, present and future.


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