The sheer flexibility of Oriel Systems’ remote monitoring systems

In a working world that is becoming characterised by more flexible and remote ways of working, it makes complete sense that organisations in the likes of the oil and gas, chemicals and printing industries are demanding ever-greater flexibility from their arrangements for remote tank monitoring. Oriel Systems ( is at the forefront of the development of telemetry systems with these 21st century requirements in mind.


As the developer of its own software, Oriel Systems has long created the right impression from the very beginning of its relationship with a client. Those organisations that work with Oriel Systems quickly find that even when their needs aren’t catered for by the remote control of their systems, they can call at any point during the working day and soon be speaking to the engineers who are based placed to provide advice on their telemetry systems.


The flexibility of Oriel Systems’ telemetry solutions across a broad range of industries can be attributed to certain basic, universally applicable strengths that provide the strongest possible foundation for much more specialised needs. With more than 25 years of industry experience, the company has built a considerable installed user base across the world, which has allowed it to continually refine its systems for reliability.


Oriel Systems’ experts are used to being contacted by a wide range of potential clients with a large or small project to implement. The technical team is always willing to talk, whether they are contacted by phone, email or the website’s online contact form. They cater for projects of ever-changing sizes by creating telemetry systems that are highly scalable, with the option for further additions as requirements change. Whether clients require a telemetry installation of a modest scale, or instead a plant-wide system, they can avoid a single penny of unnecessary expenditure.


Connections to a wide range of remote plant and equipment are possible, including existing telemetry equipment and that of other suppliers. This reduces the amount of investment required by new clients that are anxious to be resourceful with what they have. Also welcome is the ease and speed with which Oriel Systems’ remote monitoring systems can be installed, which reduces both start-up and operational costs for organisations that have little room to budge as far as budget is concerned.


Telemetry was conceived in the first place to allow equipment at remote sites to be monitored by an ever-smaller number of people, from just one main PC. Oriel Systems ( is more committed than any other firm to maximising the inherent flexibility of telemetry software and equipment, with the option even there for hosting that reduces the need for a company to continually check on the functioning of a given system. Oriel Systems also has its own remote diagnostic facilities to further reduce client costs.


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