Why one should select a telemetry provider with the finest SCADA systems expertise

There are many urgent priorities that an organisation in such a field as oil and gas, chemicals, printing or the water industry is likely to have when the time comes to invest in a telemetry system. It will likely be important to them to choose a system that is flexible, reliable and scalable, with the ability to connect to all manner of remote plant and equipment while being effective and economical right now.

As well as hardware, software is a major factor for many of these firms, with SCADA systems often in particular demand. However, it is important to make a distinction between such systems and other telemetry. The letters SCADA stand for Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition, and refer to a software package that is positioned on top of a real-time control system, so that a process external to the SCADA system can be controlled.

The average telemetry system’s strength is in enabling remote measurement and reporting information of interest. Strictly speaking, telemetry (or tele-metering) is the data collection and transmission of this data from remote sites, while SCADA systems are mostly hard-wired and therefore local. As a long-established and renowned high technology industrial services provider, Oriel Systems takes pride in its very own Awax SCADA software that combines the best functionalities of SCADA systems and wider telemetry.

This Awax SCADA software is as cost-effective and cutting-edge as the rest of Oriel Systems’ highly rated work in telemetry. Not only is it capable of connecting with all manner of remote units, but its connection to most PLC systems and various other types of hardware – including the remote units of other vendors – is also possible. This makes the upgrading of an existing system largely stress-free for customers that might have otherwise been forced to dispose of their legacy systems.

Oriel Systems is always exploring the full possibilities of SCADA systems from its south west England research, manufacturing and development facility. The most recent technological advances are continually incorporated into the Awax SCADA software, which also keeps adding to the list of devices to which it can be connected.

Internet integration has taken on a greater role in SCADA systems like those of Oriel Systems, as have web hosting and live video streaming from remote sites. But whatever the exact requirements of the customer, the company’s technical team remains happy to meet them, and capable of devising a wide range of intelligent telemetry hardware and software solutions.


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