The renown of Oriel Systems for chemical industry telemetry

Oriel Systems ( will always take great pride in the suitability of its remote monitoring systems to a wide range of applications, which owes much to their scalability and ability to connect to all manner of remote plant and equipment – even the telemetry equipment of other suppliers. Such telemetry systems are designed from the ground up to be powerful, flexible and reliable in the context of the client’s industry, whether that is the water industry, oil and gas, printing or even chemical industry.

Certainly, Oriel Systems’ chemical industry clients appreciate the firm’s supply, installation and commissioning of level sensing equipment from all of the most sought-after manufacturers, as well as its installation of any required galvanic isolation and the bringing of tank level information back to a single central location. Another option for the telemetry system of a chemical industry client is the information being hosted on Oriel Systems’ own web server, with it being made available to the client via a password protected web page.

A tank level monitor or VMI system also needs to have the right sensor chosen for it, in accordance with the given application. This is another area in which Oriel Systems offers considerable help to clients, with an extensive range of sensors including Radar, Ultrasonic, Guided Microwave or pressure transducer. Clients contemplating the correct sensor may wish to discuss it with the Oriel Systems technical team, keeping the product data sheet close to hand, given the wide range of important factors to consider – such as the vessel’s size and shape, what internal structures may interfere with the sensor, the need or otherwise for ATEX approval and the product characteristics.

As is the case with clients in other fields, those turning to Oriel Systems for chemical industry telemetry can also choose from a strong assortment of hardware and software products. They may opt for a video outstation that can transmit as many as eight live feeds, or an intelligent outstation that can be programmed for the monitoring and control of plant equipment at a remote site. Oriel Systems’ VMI software, meanwhile, also better enables the fuss-free monitoring and control of remote sites, being an open, flexible and expandable means of efficiently monitoring critical stocking levels at sites across the world.

With the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution of Oriel Systems, chemical industry clients can ensure the accurate prediction of delivery dates and times, with the actual amount delivered able to be calculated – even if it has yet to be consumed – before an invoice is automatically sent out for each delivery. It is just one more reason to contact Oriel Systems’ ( technical team about a big or small chemical industry telemetry installation.


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