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Oriel Systems ( may offer telemetry systems that are cost-effective, reliable and flexible, catering for large and small projects alike in the likes of the water, pharmaceuticals, chemical, mining and oil and gas industries, but it would not be able to provide these elements without the right motivated, talented and well-trained people. These people range from service and installation engineers to software consultants.

Contact frequently begins with a discussion of the client’s needs via phone or email, with Oriel Systems having staff members on hand who are happy to give advice and guidance about the finer points of a telemetry project. At this point, the technical team tends to become more involved in pinpointing the exact requirements of a prospective client and how the right telemetry systems can meet them – indeed, there are many examples of the company’s successful partnerships in the Oriel Systems website’s press releases section.

Once the application has been discussed and an arrangement decided upon, the client will be able to benefit from the more ‘hands-on’ expertise of the likes of Oriel Systems’ service and installation engineers. Based in two locations in the UK, these engineers are able to travel to sites both in this country and abroad, making use of their experience in telemetry installation, maintenance and calibration. They can commission and service equipment and know how to integrate all manner of older and outmoded legacy systems with more modern equipment, in many cases removing the need for expensive replacements.

The experience that Oriel Systems’ professionals have accumulated down the years in the design and installation of telemetry systems leaves them perfectly placed to design any client’s control routines, while testing is also continually carried out to ensure that the resultant systems deliver the right level of performance. Once the installation has been carried out, a team of on-site engineers are available to ensure continued optimal performance.

The right telemetry software is also vital to any good system, and clients are always reassured when the company that they choose knows how to develop, test and deliver a working solution, before ensuring client satisfaction and providing a high standard of ongoing backup and support. This could certainly be said of Oriel Systems, not least given that it has been developing Windows software since the platform’s early days.

However big or small the given project, Oriel Systems has software consultants that know how to rapidly develop the right software, making use of the most recent techniques, programming languages and testing methods. From the development of simple user interfaces to more advanced measurement and analysis functions that allow for collected data to be trended and graphed, Oriel Systems’ developers have all-encompassing expertise, and can even develop software interfaces that allow for the seamless integration of the intelligent devices or remote equipment of different manufacturers.

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