Oriel Systems can come to the rescue of your print business

Out of all the industries that Oriel Systems (http://www.orielsystems.com) serves with its telemetry solutions, few remain as ubiquitous as print. In a printing industry that has become besieged with worry about the economic impact of many erstwhile paper publications’ move to digital, newspapers have never been more anxious to make the most of routinely costly printing ink.

Indeed, both the newspaper itself and its supplier have reason to be thankful for a telemetry system that keeps the latter aware of the levels of product on the former’s site. This ensures that the customer never runs out of ink and is never let down by the supplier, while also keeping the supplier in business. Telemetry systems for the printing industry from Oriel Systems allow suppliers to monitor their customers’ consumption of ink so that they can better plan production, cutting costs in the process.

With Oriel Systems, VMI or Vendor Managed Inventory remote tank monitoring systems keep suppliers notified of customer tank levels. This means that an ink delivery can be planned by the supplier that allows for the tanker to be fully emptied, which is certainly preferable to having to bring back a partial load. The Awax VMI telemetry software allows for such easy and convenient monitoring of remote sites that it can even be hosted by Oriel Systems itself and therefore made accessible over the Internet.

An Intelligent Telemetry Outstation at the customer site is included as part of the inventory monitoring solution. It constantly monitors ink levels in each of the tanks, and if unexpectedly high usage occurs overnight that leads to the tank level falling below a pre-defined limit, then the system overrides everything and alerts the supplier to the need for a fresh delivery.

Oriel Systems has served a range of print ink suppliers with distinction, including Flint Ink, which requested the supply and installation of a telemetry system for a major customer in Spain. Oriel Systems provided an Intelligent Telemetry Outstation on broadband that closed the gap between the purpose-built facility near Madrid and the Netherlands headquarters of Flint Ink and the ink manufacturing facility in Wolverhampton UK. The resulting system provided vital information on historical ink consumption, current tank levels and delivery estimates, allowing the supplier to put in place the most cost-effective practices.

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