Oriel Systems provides invaluable telemetry for the water industry

The purpose of telemetry is to remotely monitor values from industrial silo’s or tanks or critical plant and equipment to ensure that the industrial process has sufficient stock levels so that the  process operates within safe and defined conditions.  Within industry the measuring of stock levels of liquids, powders and other chemicals is to help companies to better plan their inventory levels has assured it of very wide range of applications. Whether it is used to monitor endangered species’ migration patterns or instead monitor the safety of nuclear plants, specialists such as Oriel Systems (http://www.orielsystems.com) have long been engaged to assist the likes of the chemical, oil. gas and printing industries.


One other industry that has certainly long benefited from the right telemetry systems is the water industry, in which monitoring and control requirements can greatly change over time.  A company in this industry may need to monitor one remote water level or instead be in need of a more complex telemetry system that spans an entire area, while consisting of such vital components as sensors, a telemetry outstation, communications and telemetry software.


With more complicated equipment being increasingly needed as companies in the water industry join those in other sectors in striving for maximum efficiency, clients of Oriel Systems’ telemetry solutions will be thankful for the ability to use one PC to monitor equipment across multiple remote sites. This fits in with the increasing tendency for just one employee to have responsibility for many remote sites.


Sensors measure the value that is obtained at a remote site, while the telemetry outstation – which can also be referred to as the Remote Terminal Unit or RTU – is a device for data collection, gathering information from all of a particular remote site’s sensors on a 24 hours a day basis. Oriel Systems can not only supply and install a comprehensive range of sensors to ensure suitability to a specific monitoring application, but also specialises in intelligent telemetry outstations than allow for completely autonomous operation at remote sites.


Being modular in construction, the intelligent telemetry outstations of Oriel Systems are easy to expand or upgrade so that the system can be provided with additional analogue, digital or counter inputs, or for that matter so that local plant and equipment can be controlled remotely with digital or relay outputs. A control algorithm removes the need for engineering staff to be present at every remote site, with functions instead being performed automatically.


Oriel Systems offers various transmission possibilities so that the information that the outstation collects can be relayed back to the main office from what may be an especially remote area. Such options include radio, broadband, PTSN, GPRS, mobile broadband 3G or WiFi, while clients are also likely to appreciate the historical data that the telemetry system captures and that can be invaluable to water engineers for future projects or water modelling.


Contact Oriel Systems at http://www.orielsystems.com for more information about the applications of the right telemetry installation for companies in the water industry.


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