Oriel Systems: often first choice for VMI software

Central to the telemetry systems of so many past and present customers of Oriel Systems (http://www.orielsystems.com) is truly industry-leading Awax VMI software. However, it does help to begin by explaining the principles of VMI, or vendor managed inventory, which is a family of business models in which certain information is provided by the buyer of a product (business) to the vendor (supply chain) that supplied that product. Full responsibility for maintenance of an agreed inventory of the material is taken by the supplier, usually at the consumption location of the buyer – such as a store.

Also potentially involved in a vendor managed inventory arrangement is a third party logistics provider, which adjusts the demand and supply gaps to ensure that the buyer is in possession of the necessary level of inventory. VMI is a symbiotic relationship minimising the likelihood of a business unintentionally running out of stock of a particular product, while inventory in the supply chain is also reduced. In the case of a telemetry installation, the Awax VMI software of Oriel Systems enables the easy and confident monitoring and control of remote sites.

Customers choosing the Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI) solution of Oriel Systems for their remote monitoring, data collection and control benefit from an open, flexible and expandable solution, perfectly suited to the efficient monitoring of critical stocking levels at industrial sites across the world. Not only can delivery dates and times be accurately predicted by the VMI system, but the actual amount delivered can also be calculated, with an invoice for each delivery automatically being sent out. This is the case even if consumption of the delivered amount is yet to occur.

Past customers with an appreciation for the VMI telemetry system of Oriel Systems include leading ink manufacturer Sun Chemicals, which, having inherited various different systems from recently acquired firms and new customer contracts, needed a means of integrating and replacing them. The customer recognised the flexibility and cost-effectiveness of Oriel Systems’ VMI telemetry system in the monitoring of customer usage of a product or number of products. They realised that such a solution brought together all of the information from customer sites in various parts of the world that was necessary if they were to kept informed in good time on potential stock-out situations.

This is the reputation that Oriel Systems’ VMI software has attracted far beyond printing industry telemetry, with so many organisations and sectors seeing increased productivity, profits and customer loyalty as a result of their embracing of a system that provides them with both current and historical product usage and consumption information. Such data enables the more efficient scheduling of production batches and deliveries, not only of the optimum amount, but also made at the optimum time. Interested parties overseeing both small and large projects are invited to contact Oriel Systems’ (http://www.orielsystems.com) technical team for more information.


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