How has Oriel Systems built such a strong industry reputation?

If a person knows anything at all about telemetry, then it is likely that they will have heard of Oriel Systems ( But why? What is it about the company that has allowed it to build such a robust reputation amongst those in the print, chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and water industries for which telemetry systems are required? After all, telemetry is not the kind of non-specialised field in which it is possible to be well-regarded for no apparent reason.


Telemetry solutions for many industries

As is mentioned above, Oriel Systems is seasoned at providing cost-effective, easy to use, scalable and innovative telemetry systems for clients across many of the most prominent industries that involve readings that need to be monitored and then transmitted by radio. Whether organisations need to monitor one remote water level or require the right level sensing equipment and galvanic isolation while working in the chemical industry, Oriel Systems can provide adaptable and tailored solutions.


Plenty of industry experience

Oriel Systems has been in business for more than 25 years now, which has allowed it to build its reputation as a provider of high technology industrial services, to the point where it is now regarded as one of the most successful and dynamic of all. In that time, it has continually refined the telemetry and remote tank monitoring systems that it provides for a wide range of industries, even providing groundbreaking software for Vendor Managed Inventory Systems (VMI) and establishing strategic alliances in Europe and the Far East. All of this experience has put it in the best possible position to provide solutions that are tailored to a given organisation’s exact needs.


In-depth expertise and innovation

Oriel Systems never rests in its continual development of telemetry software and other solutions that are designed to remove as much stress as possible from the telemetry process. Evidence of its ability to keep in step with the technical and economic needs of its customers include the option that it gives to host their systems, complete with easy online access. This arrangement relieves organisations of the need to check on the functioning of their AWAX server and is especially pertinent at a challenging economic time when more firms prefer to focus on their core business.


A high standard of advice and guidance

Thorough industry expertise would mean little if the company did not also employ friendly, responsive and professional staff members who are happy to guide clients through the exact requirements for their big or small projects. Thankfully, a client only needs to make one phone call to receive immediate help and support – and the fact that Oriel Systems develops its own software system means that they will be speaking to the developers, rather than an unhelpful third party.


These are just some of the key reasons to choose Oriel Systems as a telemetry installation, maintenance and support specialist. For more, simply visit


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