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Oriel Systems ( is a company that is certainly more accustomed than most to the intricacies of successful telemetry systems, with an in-depth knowledge of the plant and equipment that is required if a process is to be safely and efficiently run. Of course, such equipment needs to be overseen by an experienced operator, but in an age in which time and financial efficiency has never been more important, the right software also plays an integral role.


Although the right telemetry solution will be proficient in its transmission of useful information to the main office PC, the right telemetry software also remains highly necessary if such information is to be unravelled. With so much incoming information to deal with from all manner of remote sites, such specialist software has to make sense of this information, presenting it to the end user in an easy-to-understand pictorial format so that it can be easily observed that the site is operating correctly.


It is with such specialised needs in mind that Oriel Systems provides Awax VMI telemetry software that allows for the easy and confident monitoring and control of remote sites, with a hosting service even being available so that it can be accessed online. Such a hosting service means that anyone with access to the Internet on any computer can simply log on to the site, view data and examine graph trends and data history, even downloading the data into a spreadsheet if necessary.


Data is regularly updated, as it is uploaded to a secure Internet server after contact is made with the relevant remote sites, and it can even be made available on a smartphone. Such an arrangement gives Oriel Systems responsibility for the Awax telemetry or Vendor Managed Inventory system, with any problems relating to the system’s functionality being quickly brought to the attention of Oriel Systems’ own seasoned engineers.


The VMI solution itself, meanwhile, is expandable, open and flexible, being perfectly suited to a wide range of industrial environments in which critical stocking levels need to be efficiently monitored. Not only does it provide accurate predictions of delivery dates and times, but it can also calculate the actual delivered amount – even if consumption is yet to occur – prior to the automatic sending out of an invoice for every delivery.


Also available is Oriel Systems’ very own cost-effective and cutting edge Awax SCADA software, which connects to most PLC systems and various other hardware types, including the remote units of other vendors, in addition to Oriel Systems’ own remote units. Such software removes the need for customers to replace their current remote units, with systems instead simply being upgraded. It’s all part of continually developed software that has continued to advance in sophistication with such features as a greater ability to stream live videos from remote sites.


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