Some of the lesser-known benefits of Oriel Systems’ services

Oriel Systems ( has long prided itself on the provision of telemetry systems that are cost-effective, flexible and reliable – and indeed, these are fundamental advantages that are readily understood by all of the firm’s clients, which have included the likes of Unilever, BP and Nordson. What is perhaps less widely appreciated, however, is the company’s ability to cater for even the most specialised of requirements with the most specialised of expertise and resources.


After all, it is not every telemetry specialist that has been in business for more than a quarter-century, with all of the knowhow in high technology industrial services that such a period of time has allowed it to accumulate. Nor does every competitor of Oriel Systems provide a hosting service for the AWAX Telemetry or Vendor Managed Inventory systems of its clients.  Such a service relieves clients of the responsibility for checking the continual functioning of the system, with Oriel Systems engineers instead being immediately informed of any problems that arise.


It can also be easily forgotten that Oriel Systems provides a wide range of outstation communication options, including GSM, GPRS, 3G, PSTN or even standard telephone provider landline or broadband. There are also many signal inputs to which the company’s modular Intelligent Telemetry Outstations can be connected, including Digital Inputs (volts free contracts) or Analogue Inputs (4-20mA, 0-5V, 0-10V) from Radar, Ultrasonic level sensors, Hydrostatic pressure transducers and Guided Microwave sensing equipment.


It is also possible to bring Counter Frequency Inputs into the system, for example from pumps, so that the number of strokes the pump has cycled can be measured to produce an accurate product movement or consumption figure, where the amount of liquid that is moved by the pump per cycle is known. Control Outputs can be an invaluable part of tank monitoring, allowing for control functions like the opening or closing of valves, the starting and stopping of pumps and the opening and closing of penstocks to be remotely performed.


There are also various specific benefits that an Oriel Systems telemetry installation can bring in the context of the specific industries in which clients work, with those in the water industry, for example, likely to appreciate the support that the outstation provides for different pumping profiles on the basis of their energy tariffs. This allows for reductions on energy usage expenditure and the remote changing of pump control settings, the latter removing the need for costly site visits. Meanwhile, clients in the oil and gas industries may be thankful for the local, on-site storage of all video feeds for the last three days, meaning that should an “event” occur, it can be downloaded and saved onto a computer for future review and analysis of procedures to minimise the risk of a repeat.


Oriel Systems’ ( highly professional technical staff members are continually ready to speak to prospective clients about the nature of their project and accompanying telemetry software and hardware requirements.


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