The factors making Oriel Systems a water industry leader

When it comes to providing all of the telemetry water industry based organisations could possibly require, accompanied by the highest standard of technical support, one would always struggle to look past one of the undoubted telemetry leaders, Oriel Systems ( The company has been operating for more than a quarter century and knows how to keep telemetry solutions reliable, flexible and cost-effective, but beyond that, it simply possesses an unmatched understanding of water industry requirements, with a similarly unbeatable ability to match them.

Water industry telemetry from Oriel Systems incorporates the essential components for all manner of purposes that clients in this sector may have, bearing in mind both present and future monitoring and control requirements. That is the case whether the initial request is for the monitoring of one remote water level, or instead a much more comprehensive system, given the ease with which the most scalable and cost-effective solutions will always be able to adapt to present circumstances.

Clients turning to Oriel Systems for water industry remote monitoring systems can expect modular-built Intelligent Telemetry Outstations that are easy to expand and upgrade when further Analogue, Digital or Counter Inputs need to be added to the system, or for that matter Digital or Relay Outputs that allow local plant and equipment to be remotely controlled.

Firms in the water industry that were otherwise dependent on engineering staff visiting each and every site in person are frequently delighted by the total autonomy over a remote site that Oriel Systems’ intelligent outstation grants them. The system automatically performs all functions in accordance with the Control Algorithm, which is decided between the customer and Oriel Systems engineers. Support for different pumping profiles is also provided by the outstation based on the client’s energy tariffs, enabling money to be saved on energy usage, while the number of expensive site visits can also be minimised by the remote changing of pump control settings.

Plentiful support is given by Oriel Systems’ water industry telemetry solutions for external connecting equipment. The full range of sensors required by the client for monitoring purposes can be supplied and installed by Oriel Systems, while connections to various existing on-site equipment, such as penstocks, weedscreens or actuators, are also possible. Oriel Systems has worked with various actuator manufacturers, from Auma and Rotork to Limitorque.

Clients of Oriel Systems in the water industry are also frequently thankful for the wide range of communication options that a telemetry solution from this company makes possible, including radio, broadband, PSTN, GPRS, WiFi and mobile broadband. Finally, the historical information that is captured during remote monitoring can be analysed by water engineers for future projects, or for the purposes of water modelling. Such extensive capabilities only further contribute to what has become a commanding position in this field for Oriel Systems (


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