The many applications of telemetry in the chemical industry

Where a need exists for liquid and other substances to be measured to assist the planning of all manner of organisations, so telemetry has a key role to play – and a specialist such as Oriel Systems ( can be instrumental in providing the right solution for the water, oil, gas or other industry. The situation is no different in the chemical industry, where there is a requirement for the professional supply and installation of the best quality level sensing equipment.

Although telemetry solutions have always been broad and applicable to areas ranging from nuclear plant safety monitoring to endangered species’ migration habits, they were not always used in chemical plants given the tendency for some wireless signals to be interfered with by concrete and stainless steel. Today, however, such issues have been overcome, with telemetry proving truly invaluable in situations that demand the measuring of physical and chemical parameters in tanks.

There are many priorities that one must consider when investing in telemetry installation, in order to decide on the best configuration. The hardware and sensors will need to be suitably optimised, for example, taking into account the exact substance in the tank, while the best position to place the sensor depends on what the sensor is intended to measure, as well as whether the system is to be used for a single tank or multiple ones.

One will also need to pay attention to the power configuration to ensure that the associated communication devices have the energy to operate, while other key priorities include the communication frequency, and storage and management of information as well as, of course, budget. The right telemetry specialist will have considered all of these elements and will be able to give their clients advice based on their exact business requirements.

Oriel Systems recognises the importance of choosing the correct sensor for a given application, when the client is considering any VMI or tank monitoring system. That’s why the company offers an extensive range of sensors encompassing Radar, Guided Microwave, Ultrasonic and pressure transducers, and has a technical team on hand to guide clients in their choice. There are, after all, many factors that determine the best choice of sensor, including the vessel’s size and shape and whether there is a need for ATEX approval.

Visit the online home of Oriel Systems at to find out more about the company’s telemetry software and associated services, such as its ability to install galvanic isolation or return the tank level information to one central location. The firm is able to set up perfectly tailored telemetry systems for large and small projects alike.


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