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VMI & Telemetry Experts

Oriel Systems prides itself on being the most experienced in the field when it comes to tank level monitoring and VMI.

Oriel systems has over 25 years of experience in the field of remote monitoring and control. Whereas some companies claim to be experienced, we can prove it.

As a company Oriel Systems has been developing and perfecting its in-house software and hardware solutions since its conception in the early 90’s.

See the evolution of our Remote Telemetry Units (RTU) below:evolution-min

Flood Prevention

As the world around us is changing, flooding in the UK is becoming a widespread and devastating problem.

Being able to accurately monitor water levels is key to damage limitation and prevention.

Oriel Systems provides remote monitoring technology, using low power and solar powered systems, to provide real-time alerts and monitoring of water levels to facilitate a better flood prevention future.

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Today is World Battery Day!

Today is World Battery Day!

Batteries are everywhere – remote controls, laptop, phones, cars, and beyond. In 1749 Benjamin Franklin first used the term “battery” – however batteries we are familiar with today were created by Allesandro Volta, an Italian physicist.

On this day we commemorate his birth, and stamps the importance of the modern day battery.
Can you imagine a world without batteries? We certainly can’t! Remote monitoring and telemetry systems are highly dependent on the use of batteries in order to provide information about those hard to reach places.

We honor this day by reflecting on why we use batteries for our remote monitoring stations. In some circumstances we cannot use solar power or mains to run our systems, such as monitoring fuel on a train, so the robust and reliable battery comes into action. The batteries we implement into our systems can last up to 10 years!