Intelligent Telemetry Outstation

Introducing the 4000 Series Remote Terminal Outstation

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Monitor and control plant equipment at your remote site

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Technology: Intelligent monitoring and control package on a linux kernel


Available on request, give us a call to discuss your requirements


Oriel Systems Intelligent Telemetry Outstation (ITO) is capable of being programmed to monitor and control plant equipment at your remote site. The Unit is able to attach to many different types of IO module or even to PLCs and other intelligent devices, allowing you to fully configure the system for your site. Oriel systems is even able to add functionality to the Outstation that will allow the unit to connect to your own specialist hardware.

The unit can then connect back to your master station with a variety of communication transmission options, Low Power radio (both licensed and un-licensed), PSTN (land-line), GSM/GPRS mobile, internet, or satellite. It can report a live feed of what is happening on site and/or send back any required amount of previously recorded values.

We are able to communicate with a variety of other manufacturers Telemetry outstations including Dynamic Logic, Penny & Giles and DTS using our own internally developed communications interfaces to provide seamless integration with the Oriel Telemetry software system.

The Mark 4 also has video streaming capabilities and is able to transmit these at various resolutions, from systems that have low network bandwidth, to high bandwidth applications able to transmit television quality video. Typical applications require just 56k connections, with broadband connections becoming more accessible connections consisting of 256k make the video outstation a viable and cost effective way to monitor your sites.

Mark 4 Data Sheet

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